non doctorIt has become increasingly common for women to strive for the perfect body these days, especially with today’s expectations of what beautiful is.  Tanned, fit, and hairless are a few of the words that come to mind when I think of the women who are portrayed as beautiful on TV and on the media.  In order to attain these results, some women have resorted to plastic surgery, weight loss pills, tanning salons, starvation and laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal has become very popular among women in recent days.  What’s not beautiful about a smooth hairless body?  If I lived in France maybe I would think differently, but I live in Los Angeles and enjoy the idea of having perfect hairless legs.

Laser Hair Removal Lawsuits Against Non-Doctors Due to Scarring and Burning:

This brings me to the current influx of lawsuits by patients who have allegedly been “burned, scarred or otherwise injured during laser surgeries.”  According to a new study, “researchers found 75 out of 175 legal cases related to procedures like laser hair or scar removal involved someone other than a physician operating the laser.”

So who performs these laser hair and scar removal procedures?  According to the lawsuits, anyone ranging from a nurse, medical assistant, technician to an "intern" was the named defendant in these laser procedure lawsuits.  This means that any one of the above individuals was able to conduct these procedures.

States Have Different Rules Regarding Who May Conduct Laser Procedures:

Seems like each state has their own rules and regulations regarding who may perform laser surgery.  For example, in Maine, “only doctors can perform laser hair removal surgery,” while in other states someone with no training or certification can perform the same procedure.  This is unfortunate, because according to the Dr. Murad Alam of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, these lasers “they have a variety of risks including eye injuries (and) burns."  Maybe there should be a uniform law that limits the operation of these procedures to doctors only.  How would you feel about that?

More Non-Doctors (As Opposed to Doctors) Are Sued By Patients After a Laser Procedure:

Another interesting point worth mentioning is that more non-doctors have been named defendant in laser procedure lawsuits than doctors.  According to a study conducted by Dr. H. Ray Jalian, “in 2011, 78 percent of all legal cases involved someone other than a doctor operating the laser.”  This simple statistic might mean that something is wrong with the training provided to these non-doctors.

Of course, getting your laser procedure done by a non-doctor at a medical spa may be less expensive than getting it done by a doctor.  But, is getting burned worth the cheaper price?

What are your thoughts?