Weird LawsThere are many interesting things I can write “aboot” Canada.  For one, they love to play and watch hockey.  They also have free health care.  Sounds like the ideal place to live.  But don’t be fooled by these few perks.  Canada also has a variety of weird laws under its belt.  Last week we touched on four of Canada’s weird laws in our weekly “weird law” blog.  Since there are so many others, I wanted to devote this week’s “weird law” blog to strange laws from Canada as well.  I anticipate that you will find them as weird as I do!

Keep reading to learn about this week’s weird laws from Canada:

It Is Illegal to Post a Sign in Quebec that Is not Written in French

According to the law, all business signs in Quebec must be written in French.  Of course, if you want to post a sign that is written in English you may do so.  The only requirement is that the your English sign must be two times smaller than the French sign.

It Is Illegal to Hang a Clothesline in Canada

Most neighborhoods in Canada have a ban on clotheslines.  This is quite absurd because clotheslines provide many benefits to our environment.  Although clotheslines may be a bit unattractive, is the sight of it really that bad to warrant a law making them illegal?  I personally prefer air-drying my clothes- that way I know that my favorite shirt won’t shrink in the dryer (yes, I have shrunk my clothes a number of times).

It Is Illegal to Whistle in Petrolia, Ontario

Do you enjoy whistling?  If you do, then stay out of Petrolia in Ontario, Canada!  According to the apparent law, “yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling or singing is prohibited at all times.”  I guess the law doesn’t apply at all times, however because I also read that the law apparently applies between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. To be completely serious, how excessive can a simple whistle be?  Maybe I haven’t heard the best of them whistle.  Have you?

What are your thoughts about these weird laws from Canada?  Are there any weird laws that you think are strange?