9-year-old Sneaks onto PlaneWant a lesson on how to sneak onto a plane?  Read this story to learn how a 9-year-old boy did so without even leaving a trace being. He didn’t have a seat on the plane and wasn’t noticed until after the plane was mid air.  Super stealthy 9-year-old!

A 9-year-old boy somehow managed to sneak into a Delta flights from Minneapolis to Las Vegas without being noticed by security.  Even though he wasn’t carrying a boarding pass, he found a way to get through the TSA, the gate agents, and the flight crew.

Not First Time the 9-Year-Old Plane Stowaway Has Gotten into Trouble with the Law:

Don’t be fooled by the young boy’s age.  He has a number of offenses on record.  According to reports, he has the following wrongdoings under his belt:

  • Unlawful entry to a water park
  • Car theft
  • Taking someone else’s luggage off the carousel at the airport

Both the Transportation Security Administration and Delta are currently reviewing this matter.  The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), however, has stated through their spokesperson, Pat Hogan, that “it wasn't the result of an airport shortcoming” and claims that "at this point, this is a Delta and TSA issue."

If it weren’t for his age, I’m sure this boy would be in deep trouble.  Lucky for him, he s only 9 years old and probably won’t face any charges.  The unnamed boy is currently in protective custody.

With all the added security in airports nowadays, it’s hard to believe that this young boy was able to pull a fast one on them.

What do you think about this story?  Do you think it’s the airlines fault for not catching the boy?  Should there be added security?