Weird LawsI’ve read through several websites and have spent countless hours searching for the weirdest and craziest laws to share with the readers of this blog.  This week my focus is on weird laws from abroad, specifically from Canada, Switzerland, and Australia.  I really enjoyed writing about these weird and strange laws from around the world.  Hope you find them as entertaining as I do!

Here are this weeks weird laws.  Enjoy!

It Is Illegal To Water Your Lawn When It Is Raining

Canada: Under Nova Scotia Provincial laws, it is illegal to water your lawn when it is raining.  Absurd!!! How can they actually forbid such an act?  I mean, what if some of my plants need more loving than the others?  In all seriousness, why is this law necessary?  How may people actually water their laws while it is raining?  This law is extremely strange and I can’t help but wonder what other weird laws Canada has in store for us.  Next week I will dedicate an entire blog to weird laws from Canada.  How do you all feel about that idea?

It Is Illegal To Leave Flush Your Toilet At Night

Switzerland:  If you have the need to constantly urinate, I would avoid living in or even visiting Switzerland.  According to an extremely strange law in Switzerland, individuals are prohibited from flushing their toilets after 10pm.  This law only applies to those living in apartment buildings.  This law is not only weird, but also malicious!  I wonder how many dehydrated individuals with bladder issues live in apartments in Switzerland.

It Is Illegal To Change Your Own Light Bulb

Australia: If you are a guest at a hotel in Australia and your hotel room’s light bulbs go out, don’t even think about lending a helping hand!  In Victoria, Australia licensed electrician are the only individuals who may legally change a light bulb.  So guys, how many Australians does it take to change a light bulb? Just one… a licensed electrician.

What do you think about these weird laws?  Are there any weird laws that you find extraordinarily strange?