Legal QuestionWhat Is Military Law?

Military Law deals with the body of laws and regulations that oversee the armed forces.  All persons serving in the Armed Forces of the United States are subject to military laws at all times.

What Legal Issues Are Handled Exclusively by Military Justice?

  • Maintaining good order and discipline
  • Whether the orders are legal or not
  • Whether the behavior of members of the military are proper

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Military Law offers a list of answers to frequently asked questions about Military Law.  LawInfo also provides answers to commonly asked questions about Military Divorce and Veterans Law, such as:

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What Areas of Law Do Military Law Attorneys Deal With?

If you are being investigated by military authorities, a military attorney can help.  Some issues commonly handled by military attorneys include:

  • Adverse Administration Actions, including Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP), also known as Article 15
  • Defense of Positive Urinalysis for Drugs
  • Appeals of Courts-Martial Convictions
  • Denial or Revocation of Security Clearances, Promotions or Other Special Status or Position
  • Physical Evaluation Boards/Medical Evaluation Boards (PEB/MEB)
  • Assistance with the Post-trial Process after a Court Martial - CA clemency or Clemency & Parole Board, Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA), Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF), Judge Advocate General

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