Good News!A 14-year-old girl named Ayvani Hope Perez was kidnapped from her own house early Tuesday morning. Luckily for her and her family, she was found safe and in good spirits the following afternoon.

The story doesn't end that well for the two suspects in this case however. Wildrego Jackson, 29, and Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez, 40, were both arrested and are both being held by authorities.  Jackson is being held on charges of conspiracy to kidnapping, and Rodriguez is being held on “U.S. immigration-related charges by the Federal Homeland Security investigators.”

According to sources, there are apparently two additional suspects in this case.  If you have any information in the case, you are urged to call a tip line at (770) 477-3513.

What Is Conspiracy?

A conspiracy is “an agreement between two or more persons with the specific intent to enter into the agreement and to achieve the objective of the agreement.”  Moreover, a conspiracy requires a meeting of guilty minds.  Most states also require a slight overt act in furtherance of the agreement.  One can be guilty of conspiracy without even committing the target crime.  The conspiracy is complete as soon as the agreement is made and an act in furtherance is performed.

What Is Kidnapping?

Kidnapping is the intentional transportation or movement of a victim with the threat or use of force, or deception.  Click to learn about kidnapping by speaking to a qualified kidnapping attorney.

Kidnapping is a dangerous crime and must be dealt with seriously.  Again, if you have any information in the case, call the tip line at (770) 477-3513.