OMG! Shocking NewsI’ve read some disturbing articles, but this one tops my chart of most ridiculous and annoying articles of 2013.

A woman named Emily Creno managed to use her 4-year-old son to not only get back at her estranged husband, but to also steal money from innocent people.

In an article posted on, Creno allegedly “faked a cancer diagnosis for her 4-year-old son and shaved his head in a scheme that convinced him and others he was dying and bilked people out of donations.”

Everyone was under the assumption that the boy has cancer, including their relatives, her estranged husband, and the boy's young sister.  Her fake story went as far as convincing her own 4-year-old son that he had cancer.  Poor thing.

How Did Creno Get Caught?

Last year, Creno apparently told people about the boy’s fake cancer diagnosis and they created websites supporting him. One of those sites supplied updates on the boy’s fake condition, while another one of those sites “solicited hundreds of police and fire department patches, which the boy collected.”

I guess some of the information provided on the websites didn’t make much sense to a woman who had a daughter with leukemia.  So she reported the discrepancies to the police.

As of now, she is being charged with one felony count of child endangerment.

What are your thoughts?