HonkAn Ohio man named Garrick Krlich has filed a lawsuit against 40 individuals claiming that these individuals have harassed him by honking their car horns at excessive levels for the past four years.  One site reported Krlich saying, “You come home and there is non-stop horn blowing and you would rather stay at work and not even come to your house.”

Krlich alleges that the car horn-honking has caused him and his wife emotional distress and seeks more than $25,000 in damages.

Sounds like a frivolous lawsuit right?  That was my initial reaction to this lawsuit as well (by the way, I just heard my neighbor honk his horn and screech his tires as I was writing this blog).  How can Krlich demand $25,000 in damages?  Absurd right?  Well after reading Krlich’s account of how the horn honking began I too believe he deserves some sort of compensation.

Click to read Krlich’s account of how the horn honking began.

What are your thoughts?