Weird LawsGood thing it’s Friday! You get to read about some super weird laws from Milan, Thailand, and Portugal.  I really enjoy reading about weird and strange laws from around the world, and find them highly entertaining.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Here are this week's weird laws.  Enjoy!

It Is Illegal to Frown in Milan

Milan: Milan apparently makes it a requirement to keep smiling at all times.  I mean, what’s there not to smile about in Milan? There are fabulous shops, beautiful scenery and wonderful restaurants! You’d definitely see me abiding by this weird law if I was ever in Milan. Well, of course unless I couldn’t afford the fabulous things Milan has to offer. Then I’d surely be in violation of this law.  I wonder what the penalty for breaking this no frowning law is?

It Is Illegal to Leave a Building Without Underwear in Thailand

Thailand:  So Thailand is at it again with another weird law.  According to the law, individuals are prohibited from leaving their houses without wearing any underwear.  What’s wrong with going commando?? Also, how do they know if someone isn’t wearing any underwear?? Actually, I don’t want to know.

It Is Illegal to Urinate in the Sea in Portugal

Portugal: If you are visiting Portugal and you have an urgent need to urinate, make sure you do not urinate in the sea!  Peeing in the sea is apparently considered a criminal offense in Portugal.  Easy tip to remember: Don’t pee in the sea!

What do you think about these weird laws?  Are there any weird laws that you find extraordinarily strange?