NFL RulesSince this past weekend was a pretty big weekend for NFL lovers, I figured it would be fun to dedicate this blog to NFL rules and regulations. Let’s kick off the 2013 NFL season in our own way!

NFL Players Not Allowed to Have Fun After a Touchdown

One interesting NFL rule is regarding touchdown celebrations.  The NFL has cracked down on touchdown celebrations and has basically discouraged them.   According to several sources, NFL has warned players to stop excessive celebrations after a touchdown.  Players who portray excessive touchdown celebrations are subject to fines and even a 15-yard penalty.  The reason? No idea!  Seems like they don’t want the players to have fun.  This must be the most ridiculous NFL rule.  People pay hundreds of dollars to be entertained at these games and they can’t even get a fun touchdown dance out of it anymore.  Forbidden gestures include, sack dances, the incredible hulk, spiking the ball, spinning the ball, pointing, pointing the ball, verbal taunting, military salute, and dancing.  What’s a touchdown without a little touchdown dance?

NFL Players May Not Use Their Helmets As a Weapon

Runners and tacklers are prohibited from making contact with an opponent with the top of their helmet.  Players who use their helmet as a weapon are subject to a 15-yard penalty.  I’m assuming the NFL is trying to avoid additional concussion liability after the recent lawsuits brought by former players against the NFL.

NFL Players May Not Wear Fancy Facemasks

The NFL has placed a ban on fancy facemasks, AKA “non-standard” face masks.  NFL players must now present a medical reason to wear non-standard facemasks similar to the one worn by linebacker Brian Orakpo of the Washington Redskins.  I’m obviously no facemask specialist but don’t these non-standard facemasks make it harder for fingers to get inside the masks?  Also, wouldn’t non-standard facemasks help prevent neck injuries?  What are your thoughts?

What team are you rooting for?