Weird LawsThank goodness it’s Friday! We get to learn about some weird laws from abroad. I really enjoy reading about weird and strange laws from around the world, and I’d like to share a few with you.  Hope you find them as weird as I do!

Here are this week's weird laws.  Enjoy!

It Is Illegal to Die in a Village in France

France: France has a law that forbids dying.  Apparently, individuals who live in the village of Sarpourenx in France are forbidden from dying.  In 2008, the Mayor of Sarpourenx, Gerard Lalanne, enacted a law which stated that those individuals who desired to be buried in Sarpourenx but did not have a plot in the cemetery were forbidden from dying there.  Violation of this law would allegedly warrant severe punishments.  Hmmmm…. What’s more severe than being dead?

It Is Illegal to Smoke Cigarettes in Bhutan

Bhutan:  It has become commonplace to hear about laws that ban smoking cigarettes in designated towns or cities.  For example, it is illegal to smoke cigarettes in all public places in Calabasas, California.  Oddly enough, I just came across a law that forbids smoking cigarettes in an entire country.  The Himalayan country of Bhutan forbids smoking, buying or selling tobacco products and has placed a 100% tax on tobacco products.  If you are caught smoking in a public place in the country, don’t be surprised if you are smacked with a heavy fine.  Even worse, if you are caught selling tobacco you may face imprisonment.

It Is Illegal to Wear Heels in Greece

Greece: Greece has made it illegal to visit ancient Greek sites while wearing heels.  The reason behind this law is to protect the old historical sites.  They are afraid that heels may damage the ancient sites.  Helpful tip: carry flip-flops in your bag while visiting ancient sites in Greece.

What do you think about these weird laws?  Are there any weird laws that you find extraordinarily strange?