Legal HistoryIt’s that time of the week again! Today is the day we “throwback” to legally significant (or just plain old “cool”) events that occurred on this day in history.  I find it extremely exciting to compare the present-day state of affairs with the events that occurred many years in the past.

The following significant events occurred on August 29 throughout history:

August 29, 1833- England passed the "Factory Act" in order to settle child labor laws.

August 29, 1896- Chef of visiting Chinese Ambassador invented chop suey in New York.

August 29, 1916- Congress created the U.S. Naval reserve.

August 29, 1925- Babe Ruth showed up late for batting practice after a night out. Miller Huggins suspended him and fined him $5,000.

August 29, 1949- U.S.S.R. exploded its 1st atomic bomb.

August 29, 1954- San Francisco opened San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

August 29, 1957- Congress passed Civil Rights Act of 1957.

August 29, 1964- Mickey Mantle tied Babe Ruth's career strikeout record (1,330).

August 29, 1964- Walt Disney's released "Mary Poppins.”

August 29, 1966- Beatles’ last public concert was on this day at Candlestick Park, SF.

August 29, 1991- U.S.S.R. stopped Communist Party activities

Do any of these events interest you?