Offers Free Information about Environmental Law

Environmental Law refers to the federal laws and regulations that help protect the environment against both public and private actions. Environmental law governs human involvement in urban planning, land use regulations, water rights, air rights, the use, storage, and disposal of chemicals, and pollution issues.  Environmental law also deals with the health and cultural impacts of the environment.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Environmental Law offers a list of frequently asked questions about Environmental Law.  It also offers helpful information about several laws environmental policies established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These frequently asked questions include the following:

  • What Is The Environmental Protection Agency?
  • What Is The Clean Air Act?
  • What Are Some Of The More Common Environmental Violations That Can Result In Serious Penalties?
  • What Is The Council On Environmental Quality?
  • What Is The Federal Water Pollution Control Act?
  • What Is The Safe Drinking Water Act Of 1974?
  • What Is The Lead Contamination Control Act?
  • What Is The Marine Protection, Research And Sanctuaries Act?

What Does an Environmental Law Attorney Do?

  • Helps develop corporate policies that limit potential liabilities
  • Ensures that current practices are in compliance with applicable regulations
  • Identifies potential sources of liability
  • Represents you or your company in any environmental law proceeding
  • Negotiates settlements or other matters on your behalf

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