What? Weird LawsIn line with our weekly blogs of weird laws from across the country, let’s look at some more dumb and strange laws.  Last week we saw a few strange laws from around the country that make you question their origin.  Let’s see what other weird laws are out there!

Here are this weeks dumb laws.  Enjoy!

  • Minnesota: It is illegal to smoke while underwater.  Isn’t that also impossible?
  • Utah: It is illegal to walk down the street carrying a violin in a paper bag in Salt Lake County, Utah.  Am I missing something here?  Is “violin” another word for an illegal substance and I had no idea?  I would love to know from where this law originated.  Any ideas?
  • Texas: It is against the law to make furniture while you are nude in Devon, Texas.  I wonder if this law was enacted for safety reasons.  This law would never fly in San Francisco, California.
  • California: It is illegal to pile horse manure more than six feet high on a street corner in San Francisco, California.  But 5 feet high is completely fine.
  • Montana: It is illegal to tear a phone book in half.  Do phone books still exist?  Ever since the digital takeover, I have yet to see a single phone book.  This law must be very old…
  • Vermont: A woman must obtain written permission from her husband to wear false teeth.  I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the state legislators who enacted this law were all men.

As usual I don’t know how true these laws are, but they sure are fun to dissect!

What do you think about these weird laws? Are there any laws that you find weird or funny or dumb?