Money and GavelSan Francisco City Attorney Wants California to be Reimbursed for the Treatment of 500 Patients

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera seems unhappy with the way Nevada deals with their indigent patients.  For the last couple of years, Nevada has apparently sent off their homeless and mentally ill patients to San Francisco by way of a one-way bus ticket.  According to sfgate, Herrera is “demanding that Nevada reimburse California cities and counties for treatment of about 500 indigent psychiatric patients who were given one-way bus tickets to the Golden State in recent years.”

San Francisco City Attorney Threatens Nevada with a Class-Action Lawsuit

Herrera has threatened to file a class-action lawsuit against Nevada for “Patient Dumping” and seeks reimbursement for treatment of about 500 indigent patients.  The lawsuit will allege that Nevada misappropriated public funds from California unless Nevada agrees to the following:

  • Reimburse California cities and counties within 20 days
  • Adopt interstate transfer rules for patients

Is Nevada Guilty of “Patient Dumping”?

According to sfgate, patient dumping is “a way for other jurisdictions to transfer their mental health or homeless problems to more liberal enclaves like San Francisco.”  Herrera alleges that since April 2008 nearly 500 patients were discharged from a Nevada psychiatric hospital and sent by Greyhound bus to California.  Twenty-four of those patients were “indigent, homeless and suffering from mental illness” and were sent to San Francisco.  Herrera alleges "these patients were transported without escorts; without prior arrangements for a responsible party to receive them at their destination; (and) without adequate provisions of medication or food."  Herrera find this practice unacceptable and seeks reimbursement from Nevada.

What are your thoughts in regards to this matter?  Were you aware of patient dumping?