Police OfficerA 28-year-old woman named Carley Williams was stopped by a state trooper named Christopher J. Cummings for driving 82 mph in a 65 mph zone.  Williams was able to get out of the speeding ticket by telling an emotional lie.  According to MSN News, “Williams explained that she was rushing to the hospital so she could see her dying father, who had stage 4 cancer.”

Cop Investigates Speeding Woman’s Lie

According to a source, before letting her off the hook, “Cummings asked Williams for her father's name and the hospital he was admitted to.”  Unfortunately for Williams, Cummings ended up being a diligent cop who investigated her excuse and determined the truth.  He called the hospital and found out that her father was not a patient there.  He then searched online and found her father’s obituary.  He had in fact died in 2008.

Diligent Cop Gets Last Laugh

I am sure cops are used to the usual lie or the hysterical crying to get out of a speeding ticket.  However, Cummings claims that Williams’ lie "preyed on my emotions as a human being."   Once he found out the truth, he apparently went to Williams’ home and took with him a copy of her father's obituary.  He then arrested her and charged her with speeding and for driving with a suspended registration."

Lt. Christopher Wagner stated, "Honesty up front is your best policy and for people to drive safe and be careful out there."

I agree, honesty is the best policy!

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