Bubba - My neighbor's Pig

Alright, Fridays are generally our weird or dumb law edition of the blog. Most of our readers are used to Ani writing the blog, but she is off this week so it is my turn. I wanted to take a look at weird laws around the world and boy it was quite easy to find a few that I found interesting.

You Cannot Name a Pig Napoleon in France

France - a country I would love to travel to and get to know and now I am aware that if I go, I better not name a pig Napoleon while I'm there. This is awesome! Of course the reasoning stems from the French General and Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

This made me think of my neighbors. They own a pig, her name is Bubba. She is cute and I must admit I like to take her green apples to eat. She wags her tail and gets so happy. Sometimes she hears me outside and she oinks at me - I imagine it is her asking me to send over more apples. Anyways - the point is, our other neighbors nicknamed her Carnitas, a name we are not too happy with. Perhaps the new law on my street will be: You can name your pig Napoleon but not Carnitas.

You Cannot Pick Your Nose on the Sabbath in Israel

Israel - umm wow, I do not even know where to start with this one. I mean, what is the purpose and what caused there to be actual legislation on this? I assume this law means it is perfectly legal and acceptable to pick your nose any other day of the week. So nose pickers, wherever you are, feel free to travel to Israel, just watch out for picking on the Sabbath.

You Must Flush Public Toilets After Use in Singapore

Singapore - thank you Singapore for letting us know we must flush the toilet. I like this law because it makes it a crime to leave a public bathroom messy or smelly. I would like this to be a law here in the United States. I hate using public restrooms in the first place, and so when I have to use one it is already a bit of an ordeal. If the toilet was not flushed by the previous person, YUCK!

Does anyone out there have any laws that they find weird or funny or dumb? Let me know and I will try and write our next blog on it.