Weird LawsIn line with our weekly blogs of weird laws from across the country, let’s look at some weird animal laws.  Last week we saw 5 strange animal laws from all around the US.  Let’s see what other weird animal laws are out there!

Here are this weeks weird animal laws.  Enjoy!

Ohio: A policeman may bite a dog to quiet him in Palding, Ohio.

This law makes me very uncomfortable.  I wonder if the legislators considered the fact that the dog will most likely bite the policeman back… I know my dog would.  Why would anyone take the time to enact this into law?

Delaware: It is illegal for couples to make out, or even hold hands, while walking a dog on a leash in New Castle, DE.

Yea. Get a room!

California: It is illegal for cats and dogs to mate without a permit in Ventura County, CA.

No hanky panky without a permit.

Alabama: It is illegal to teach a bear to wrestle.

According to one website, “the law reportedly was created because at one time in the state bear wrestling matches were popular, and bears were subject to harsh treatment, and risked injury, because of the matches.”

Florida: It is illegal to imitate an animal in Miami, FL.

So think twice before doing the funky chicken in Miami. (sorry I couldn’t think of anything else)

What do you think about these weird animal laws?  Are there any weird laws that you find unusually strange?