OopsA 75-year-old Chicago man named John Taris was issued a $75 ticket by a Cook County Forest Preserve Cop when he was caught picking dandelions from an area of the LaBagh Woods.  He had apparently volunteered to go pick up the dandelions for him and his wife when their food supply had run low.  Mr. Taros and his wife live on a fixed income and according to ABA Journal, Taris said, “the fine for foraging in a Cook County Forest Preserve will eat up half of his bank account.”

Administrative Hearing to Challenge the $75 Foraging Ticket

Taris was hoping to get his ticket thrown out.  However, after the administrative hearing, Taris was told that he would not only have to pay the $75 fine, but he would also have to pay an additional $200 in court costs.

According to Karen Vaughan, spokeswoman for the Cook County Forest Preserve District, “foraging is prohibited.”  Moreover, Karen Vaughan believes foraging can “have negative impacts on the natural plant and animal communities.”

If you’re ever in Chicago, stay away from the dandelions! 3 pounds of dandelions may cost you $75!