Stock PhotoTwenty-one-year old Julia Merfeld could face life in prison for plotting her husband’s murder.  First of all, you should never have to resort to murder if you are unhappy with your spouse.  One option that comes to mind is divorce.  You can easily find a capable divorce attorney who will guide you through the daunting divorce process.

Anyways, Merfeld apparently asked her co-worker if he would kill her husband for her.  She thought killing him would be a better alternative to divorce.  She allegedly claimed that she would be getting around $300,000 in life insurance.

Woman Tries Hiring Hitman Who Ends Up Being a Cop:

Her co-worker was smart enough to refuse her demands.  Instead, he apparently told her that he would set her up with a “hitman” who could help her out.  Her co-worker definitely set her up… with an undercover cop!  Instead of an actual hitman showing up, an undercover cop met with Merfeld, listened to her plot which included the amount she way wiling to pay him, $54,000, and filmed the solicitation taking place.

Merfeld may face life in prison for solicitation of murder.  Her sentencing is set for July 30.

Solicitation of Murder

Solicitation is the crime of asking a person to engage in a crime with the intent to commit the crime.  Solicitation requires, a person to ask, or solicit, another person to engage or participate in a crime. To prove solicitation, it is not necessary that the crime be actually committed, and it does not matter what the intent of the person solicited might be.

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