Barking DogsIn line with our weekly blogs of weird laws from across the country, let’s look at some more weird laws.  Last week we saw 5 strange cat laws from all around the US.  Let’s see what weird animal laws are out there. Enjoy!

Maryland: It is illegal to take a lion to the movies in Baltimore, MD.

Unless you’re watching The Lion King, right?

Illinois: It is illegal to give a dog whiskey in Chicago, Illinois.

Is that a law or a line from a country song?

Alabama: It is illegal to give any animal an alcoholic beverage or tobacco in a public park in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

No comment.

Illinois: It is illegal for a dog to bark more than 15 minutes in North Brook, Illinois.

I can barely train my dog to sit, let alone use a stopwatch. Okay Fido, you've got 15 minutes but no more buddy!

Arkansas: It is illegal to blindfold cows on public highways.

Good. At least the cows won’t miss their exit.

What do you think about these weird animal laws?  Are there any weird laws that you find unusually strange?