American Holiday

If you are planning on throwing a Fourth of July party in your home, there are some potential liabilities you may want to consider first.  Often times, when a social guest is injured in another person’s home, the homeowner will be responsible for his or her guest’s injuries.

  • Artificial or natural dangerous conditions on the property.  If a concealed dangerous condition exists on your property, you must warn your guest of the dangerous condition. An example of a dangerous condition includes, sharp hidden edges on your furniture.
  • Violent pets.  You may want to keep your pet away from the Fourth of July action, as they may act unpredictably due to the sounds of the fireworks.  Even if your pet is usually calm around guests, you shouldn’t take any chances during Fourth of July celebrations.  You may be held liable for the injuries caused by your pet.
  • Alcohol.  Depending on the state you live in, you may be held liable for the actions of your intoxicated guests. You may also want to consider the age range of your guests.  If you have underage guests, you may be held liable for their alcohol consumption.

To sum it up, simply warn your guests of the concealed dangers around your home.

Hope this information was helpful!  Happy Fourth of July and stay safe!