The LawI find it mind boggling that young children drink Monster energy drinks even after all the backlash it has received in the last year.   A few days ago, I even saw a young girl, maybe 10 or 11 years of age, drinking a monster energy drink while hanging out with her friends at the mall.  Parents need to be cautious of these drinks and make sure to inform themselves and their children about the negative consequences associated with drinking these energy drinks.

Another Monster Energy Drink Lawsuit:

Energy drinks have made major headlines due to their adverse health effects on younger people.  Monster energy drink in particular has been the target of many lawsuits.

This brings me to the latest lawsuit filed against Monster.  The mother of 19-year-old Alex Morris has filed a lawsuit against Monster Beverage Corp. alleging that her son “would not have died if he did not drink two cans of Monster's energy drink every day for the three years before his death, including the day he died.”

The lawsuit is based on the company’s failure to warn of the dangers associated with drinking these energy drinks.

How Can an Energy Drink Attorney Help?

Many individuals who have suffered serious side effects as a result of consuming energy drinks have filed energy drink lawsuits against the manufacturers of the drinks.  If you or a loved has suffered an injury after consuming an energy drink, you may be entitled to compensation.  These beverages can pose serious health risks to consumers.

In order to determine whether you may have a claim, you should contact an experienced energy drink lawyer to schedule a free consultation. An attorney familiar with the dangers associated with the consumption of energy drinks will be able to advise you on how best to proceed.

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