Man sticking his tongue out and gesturing loserAnd the awards for worst landlords of the century go to… Kip and Nicole Macy!

It isn’t uncommon to hear about the landlord from hell who enters your apartment without your consent, raises rent for no reason, or takes weeks to fix a broken appliance.  Those are all highly annoying situations to deal with as tenants.  However, they don’t even come close to the terror tenants of Kip and Nicole Macy had to endure.  According to, husband and wife, Kip and Nicole Macy went to great lengths to evict their tenants from their apartment building in the South of Market district starting in 2006.

According to, “Kip and Nicole Macy “pleaded guilty to felony charges of residential burglary, stalking and attempted grand theft.”

Some of the things they did are simply unimaginable.  Keep reading if you want to be shocked.

How Kip and Nicole Macy Terrorized Their Tenants:

  • Cut holes in the floor of one tenants living room with a power saw.  The tenant was present while they were sawing away.
  • Cut out sections of the floor joists.  According to their former property manager, "they want to make it collapse."
  • Kip Macy threatened to shoot their former property manager with a semiautomatic handgun because he refused to cut the floor joists.
  • Changed the locks to their former property manager’s apartment, removed all of his belongings and destroyed them.
  • Nicole Macy created a fake e-mail account, and pretending to be one of the victims, she fired the attorney who was representing the victim in a civil case against the Macys.
  • Pretending to be one of the victims, Nicole Macy sent a message to her and her husband's civil attorneys threatening to kidnap and dismember their children.
  • Cut their tenants’ telephone lines.
  • Shut off their tenants’ electricity, gas and water.
  • Put boards up on one tenants windows from the outside while he still occupied the property.
  • Nicole Macy “falsely reported trespassers in the victim's apartment, causing him and a friend to be held at gunpoint by a police.
  • They soaked their tenants’ beds, clothes and electronics with ammonia.

According to news sources, “they will be formally sentenced in August in a plea deal that will send them to prison for four years and four months.”  In my opinion, they deserve a harsher sentence.

What are your thoughts?

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