Legal HistoryThrowback Thursday blogs are my favorite blogs to write.  I enjoy reading about legally significant events that occurred on this day in history and sharing them with you.  I find it exceptionally interesting to contrast the present state of affairs with the events that occurred many years in the past.

Here are a few interesting events that occurred on June 20 throughout history:

June 20, 1782- The U.S. Congress approves the Great Seal of the U.S. and eagle as its symbol

June 20, 1793- Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin

June 20, 1837- The first stamp is issued in England. The stamp is a 1 Penny stamp of Queen Victoria

June 20, 1840- Samuel Morse patents the telegraph

June 20, 1863- West Virginia becomes the 35th U.S. state

June 20, 1895- Caroline Willard Baldwin becomes the first female to earn a PhD (science)

June 20, 1944- The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is chartered by Congress

June 20, 1963- U.S. and U.S.S.R. set up a “Hot Line” communication system

June 20, 1988- Supreme Court upheld a law that made it "illegal for private clubs to discriminate against women and minorities"

June 20, 1994- O. J. Simpson was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman

Do any of these events interest you?