CoffeeAhh coffee lawsuits... it all started with the lawsuit against McDonald's, remember that one? Well, it appears there is a new coffee spill lawsuit.

A Texas woman named Lourdes Cervantes has filed a lawsuit against United Continental Holdings alleging that they are responsible for the injuries she suffered during a Continental Airlines flight from Madrid, Spain to Newark, N.J back in 2011.  Cervantes claims that she apparently suffered “second-degree burns on the inner thighs” when the flight attendant spilled coffee on her.  According to a court document referenced in the Los Angeles Times, “a flight attendant was placing a cup of hot coffee on Cervantes' seat-back tray during the flight when the passenger in front of her reclined the seat, spilling the coffee on her lap.

She is suing Continental Holdings for $170,550.

I wonder how this case will end.  Seems to me that Cervantes was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  How was the flight attendant supposed to know that the passenger sitting in front of Cervantes would recline their seat at that moment?

I hope airlines don't prohibit the serving of coffee on airplanes because of this lawsuit.  Even worse, imagine if airlines banned us from reclining our seats!

Do you think Continental Holdings should be held liable for the her alleged injuries?