Medical MalpracticeWith shows like “Bridal-Plasty” and “The Swan”, cosmetic surgery has really been brought into the spotlight in recent years. Whether for vanity or reconstruction the practice of plastic surgery is no longer the faux pas it once was. Recently a New York man went  to a plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty (nose job), however he never expected the result he received.

In 2006 following a divorce, Vishal Thakkar decided to undergo cosmetic surgery to change the appearance of his nose, a “vain decision” in hindsight. Thakkar admits that there was nothing rong with his nose, it seems he simply wanted a change. Now 22 surgeries later Thakkar is forced to wear a medical mask to cover the gaping hole in his face, where he must breathe through a tiny tube.  "There is no way I am going to live like this. It is worse than being dead," Thakkar recently confessed to Fox news.

Following the initial surgery Thakkar had trouble breathing which disrupted his daily exercise and sleep routines, therefore he went back to repair the problem. By 2007 he had undergone eight surgeries with Dr. Angelo Cuzalina while living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Eventually Thakkar left OK, but was forced to return in 2011 for additional surgeries to continue the repair work on his face. In the final surgery Cuzalina, the president of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, fully removed Thakkar’s nose while he was under anesthesia. "He told me that there was an infection in there and since I was on the operating table and unconscious he had to make the decision," Thakkar said.

Following the complete removal of his nose, Cuzalina informed Thakkar via letter that he would no longer work with him and that he was “medically unstable.” "This is not fair, nobody should have to suffer what I had to," said Thakkar.

In addition to botching his nose job(s) Cuzalina also removed cartilage from Thakkar’s ears, despite being told not to do just that. Thakkar also claims that he had cartilage removed from his rib cage as well. Thakkar indicated that he was prescribed numerous medications including Loratab, Ambien, Valium and Oxycodone coupled with countless injections which have “pretty much fried” his liver.

In order to repair the damage done by Dr. Cuzalina, Thakkar will need to undergo approximately 8 more surgeries in order to regain a “human-looking nose,” the problem is finding a doctor willing and able to do just that.

"Other surgeons told me that, Vishal, your case is so bad it is unheard of, you must be treated by someone at the top of this field," said Thakkar.

Dr. Cuzalina was not available for comment.

I don’t even know what to say...

Part of me questions how someone lets something rise to this level…I mean 22 surgeries? However the other part of me is cognizant of how much trust we put in our medical providers. I can’t remember the last time I questioned my doctor or a specialist I saw. Why? Because they have more schooling and knowledge than I do about medicine. But sometimes, at the end of the day you know your own body, and perhaps asking some more pointed questions will be in your best interest after all. At the very least, it will hopefully help to avoid a situation such as this one!