DriverIn line with our weekly blogs of weird laws from across the country, let’s continue looking at some weird driving laws.  Here are some interesting driving laws, some of which are still on the books.  Enjoy!

  • Kansas City: It is allegedly illegal to screech your tires in Kansas City.  The apparent fine for such a violation is up to 3 months in jail.  I have a feeling this is an outdated, if not altogether bogus law.
  • Colorado: It is illegal to drive a black car on Sunday in Denver, Colorado.  Weird…
  • Georgia: It is illegal to drive on playgrounds in Dublin, Georgia.  Is this law really necessary?  I wonder who actually drove on a playground for legislators to feel compelled to enact such a law.
  • Ohio: It is illegal to allow your car to run out of gas in Youngstown, Ohio.  You will be ticketed if this happens.
  • Minnesota: You will be ticketed if you leave mud on the road in Minnetonka, Minnesota.  This law won’t sit too well with my friends who go off-roading every other weekend.  You should see their car when they get back.  Totally unrecognizable.  I’m pretty sure they leave a trail of crackling mud on the road.
  • California: It is illegal for a person to jump out of a car that is going over 65 miles/hour.  California comes up with very clever laws, right?

Are there any weird laws that you find exceptionally interesting?