I came across an interesting video (to say the least) Monday morning of a 24-year-old man named Yeiner Garizabalo doing all sorts of unusual things at a BART in San Francisco.  In the video you can see Yeiner doing handstands, flips, round offs and stunts I’ve only seen gymnasts do.  Beside these unusual stunts, he was also seen harassing women who were passing by.  To make this story a little more interesting, I must add that he was completely NAKED.  Imagine the sight!

According to a source, Yeiner “was taken to California Pacific Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation and then was kept at the facility on an emergency psychiatric hold.”

What Charges Were Filed Against the Naked Man at the SF BART?

According to a source, “the district attorney’s office has not yet decided whether to file charges” against Yeiner.  However, he was initially booked on “suspicion of misdemeanor battery.”

I’d personally be terrified if I saw a naked man running towards me while doing acrobatic moves.  I wonder if he will be penalized for his actions.

Click to check out the naked SF man’s round off here.

Warning: The video contains nudity.  You may want to watch it with caution, especially if you have underage children around.