How many of you have entered your name and personal information into sweepstakes in hopes of being the lucky winner?  I know I have!  Every time I enter my information I am hopeful that I am the fortunate individual who will win the grand prize!  I have not won a single prize... Yet!

This brings me to Rite Aid and a phony sweepstake.  According to, certain Pennsylvanians have been victims of a “scam involving a phony sweepstakes in which callers tell victims they've won money through the Rite-Aid drug store chain.”

Apparently, several individuals have received calls from a caller who falsely tells them that they won thousands of dollars.  The caller then tells them that they have to purchase a Rite-Aid “green dot card.” The caller explains that the “green dot card” is necessary to pay the $500 to cover the taxes on their prize.  Of course, this is all a scheme to steal money from the victims.  The phone number has apparently been traced to Jamaica.

What Are “Green Dot Cards”?

“Green dot cards” are actual cards used by Rite-Aid customers.  Customers basically use these cards like debit cards by paying in advance for them.  In this case, the scammers made the customers put money in the cards, gained access to the customer’s cards and then used the pre-paid cards for themselves.

Very sneaky!

Word of advice: Don't give your personal information to or trust anyone on the phone or Internet unless you initiated contact with him or her.