Celebrities need to watch what they tweet, or rather, what they endorse in their tweets.  They need to be especially careful if they are getting paid for tweeting and promoting a product.

According to news sources, “Under F.T.C. guidelines, companies and the celebrities they are sponsoring risk being deceptive by not noting that these endorsements are advertisements.”

FTC Guidelines About Deceptive Tweets:

According to Mary K. Engle, the associate director of the advertising practices division at the Federal Trade Commission, when companies and the celebrities they are sponsoring don’t clarify whether the celebrity endorsements are advertisements or not, they will be in violation of federal rules called “Dot Com Disclosures.”  The law requires that companies and the celebrities they are sponsoring clearly indicate their sponsorships.  She further states, “when it’s not obvious that it is an ad, people should disclose that they are being paid.”  According to Yahoo News, “people who violate the law can be given warnings or be fined.”

Celebrities Who Have Used Twitter to Endorse Products:

  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Miley Cyrus

Do you think that consumers have a right to know when a celebrity is getting paid to endorse a product?