I guess what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas…

A California lawyer named Robert Pearman was in Las Vegas celebrating his 45th birthday when he and his posse allegedly caused almost $100,000 in damages to their high-roller Encore suite.

Pearman was charged with malicious destruction of property for trashing the three-bedroom, two-story, 5,829-square-foot suite.  According to news sources, Pearman and his friends allegedly caused the following damages to the suite:

  • Overturned furniture
  • Shards of glass on the floor
  • Food smeared on the carpet, walls, floors and drapes
  • Six lamp shades damaged
  • Michelangelo book damaged
  • A speaker and a decorative vase damaged

According to the police report, when police came to the scene of the “party” Pearman was “slurring his speech and said he took full responsibility for the destruction.”  He apparently asked police to “let my people go.”

Pearman was booked into the Clark County jail but has been released pending a July court date in the felony case.”

I wonder if Mike Tyson’s tiger made a cameo during their stay in Vegas?? (Hangover movie joke)

In my opinion, this behavior is probably not enough to lose his license, but I have a feeling the American Bar Association will take note of his felony.

What are your thoughts?