As if Walmart’s labor dispute publicity isn’t bad enough, the discount superstore is now under fire for dumping hazardous wastes in various locations throughout California. Last week Walmart plead guilty to the dumping allegation and is now set to pay $81 million in an effort to settle the misdemeanor charge. For nearly a decade investigators have been looking into the dumping which occurred not only in California but also Missouri, but now this issue is set to come to a close.

Walmart Negligent in Dumping Pollutants

Apparently Walmart admitted to operating negligently when it came to the dumping of pollutants and it came to light that waste often ended up in sanitation drains or local trash cans. Additionally there was evidence that proper safety measures were not complied with when products were returned to Walmart centers nationwide.

Although officials stressed that these incidences happened years ago, in 2003 to 2005, and procedures have since been updated, this does not exactly change the fact that the retail mogul put many people in danger. "We have fixed the problem. We are obviously happy that this is the final resolution," said company spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan.

The allegations against Walmart came about after a Department of Health official saw a store associate pouring bleach down a regular drain at a store in San Diego. The plea agreement covers 16 California counties and will require Walmart to pay millions as a penalty.

Despite the multimillion penalty, I can’t say that I feel bad for Walmart in the least bit. Hazardous waste is no laughing matter and it seems that pure laziness and failure to enact proper procedures led to this outrageously negligent practice. If you ask me, $81 million is a small price to pay for all of the lives endangered by their negligence!