As a society we have become so involved and obsessed with the lives of celebrities that their problems have become ours.  Remember when Tiger woods cheated on his wife and the media wouldn’t stop reporting about it?  Or the time I lost days of sleep when Jesse James cheated on America’s sweetheart, Sandra bullock?  Yes, that happened!  After reading a recent news article, maybe I should have filed a lawsuit against Mr. Jesse James for causing me severe emotional distress.

25-Year-Old Bulls Fan Sues Derrick Rose For His Mental Breakdown:

If you are a basketball fan you probably know that Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls had to sit this season out due to a torn ACL.  Surely, Bulls fans were not too thrilled upon hearing news of his injury because their star player would have to miss out on an important season.  Even though his fans weren’t too happy with his absence on the court, like any true fan, I’m sure a few of his fans send him “get well soon” letters.  However, one fan took an alternate route.  Instead of sending Rose his condolences, he slapped him with a lawsuit!

According to MSN News, 25-year-old Matthew Thompson filed a lawsuit against Derrick Rose, “claiming that his absence on the court caused him to have mental breakdowns as well as suffer from depression.”  Thompson also alleges that “Rose displayed negligent behavior by refusing to return to the court, despite having been cleared by team doctors.”

Derrick Rose’s Fan Claims That Rose is Financially Responsible For His “Fatness”:

If you didn’t think this lawsuit was ridiculous just yet, Thompson also believes that “Derrick Rose is financially responsible for his fatness.”

So lets review these allegations once more.  Due to the fact that Rose missed a season of basketball, his fan suffered the following injuries:

  • Mental breakdowns
  • Emotional distress
  • Depression
  • Fatness (also known as obesity)

Do you think Matthew is entitled to damages?  I definitely do not!