And the “most stupid criminal” award goes to…

20-year-old Nathan Teklemariam and Carson Rinehart were recently caught by Fresno police after allegedly burglarizing a vehicle.  This all sounds pretty typical right?  Wrong!  The way these two men were allegedly captured is unlike anything I’ve heard before.

Teklemariam and Rinehart were allegedly in the process of breaking into a car when one of their butts dialed 9-1-1!  The police dispatcher who received the call apparently stayed on the line and heard the two men discuss how they wanted to do drugs.  The conversation then turned into them burglarizing a car.  According to Yahoo News, one of the men said, "Get the bolt and give me the hammer just in case."  The dispatcher even heard the men shatter a window and disclaim that they had found prescription drugs.

This entire time, the dispatcher was allegedly relaying this information to the police.  The police pulled them over and “after searching the car, police said they found items that allegedly were taken from the burglarized vehicle.”

When the police told the suspects what led to their arrest, one of the guys allegedly responded saying, "This fool really called 911?"

The two men are being charged with burglary, conspiracy and possession of stolen property.


To learn about burglary you can watch an informational video by going to our Free Legal Videos page and typing “burglary” in the search area.


A conspiracy is “an agreement between two or more persons with the specific intent to enter into the agreement and to achieve the objective of the agreement.”  Moreover, a conspiracy requires a meeting of guilty minds.  Most states also require a slight overt act in furtherance of the agreement, such as casing the bank if the crime was a robbery.

Maybe these guys should invest in some flip phones.

What are your thoughts?