Starbucks coffee drinkers were angered when they found out that the water used to brew their coffee was coming from a spout located near a bathroom urinal.  I’m sure my reaction to this news was identical to many of your reactions.  I instantly became thankful that I get to see the water source used by my local Starbucks baristas to brew my skinny vanilla late! Or do I???

Hong Kong Starbucks and "Toilet Water":

According to several news sources, Employees working at the Starbucks located in the Bank of China Tower “allegedly wheeled a cart behind the coffee house to the bathroom dozens of times each day, filling the cart with the bathroom water. The water was then filtered and then used to prepare Starbucks drinks.” Gross!

A spokesperson for Starbucks claims that the “toilet water” complies with regulatory standards.  However, Hong Kong’s Food and Environmental Hygiene Department disagrees.  They have indicated that the coffee shops practice did not abide by regulations.

Even if the water does not come directly from the toilet bowl, imagine the amounts of feces and bacteria that are sprayed in the bathroom every time the toilet is flushed! I don’t know what sort of filter they use to clean the water, but I would imagine that there are enough germs left in that water to make someone sick.

I hope Hong Kong’s Food and Environmental Hygiene Department takes some regulatory action soon!

What are your thoughts?