In line with our weekly blogs of weird laws from across the country, let’s continue looking at some other weird laws.  Last week we saw 5 random “Weird Laws” from all around the US. Let’s see what other weird laws are out there!

Here are this weeks weird laws.  Enjoy!

Connecticut: Silly string is banned in Southington, Connecticut.

According to one website, selling silly string became illegal in the mid 1990s after a group of children sprayed a police officer with silly string during a Festival.  The ban was intended to prevent further silly string attacks on police officers.

Kansas: It is illegal to hit a vending machine that stole your money.

According to the Derby, Kansas city ordinance, “opening, damaging or removing coin-operated machines is a Class A violation.”  So if you have anger issues, refrain from using the vending machines in Derby, Kansas.  You never know when one might stop functioning and steal your money.

Washington DC: It is illegal for street photographers to stay in one place for more than 5 minutes to take pictures.

According to the law, a street photographer shall not “remain longer than five (5) minutes at any one (1) location on the streets, sidewalks, or other public spaces."  If you read sections 521 through 523 of the D.C. Municipal Regulations, it becomes clear that this law really applies to those photographers whose goal is to solicit tourists.  So if you are a professional licensed photographer taking pictures of and admiring the Lincoln Memorial, you can probably stay in one place longer than 5 minutes.

Washington: It is illegal to display a hypnotized person in a store window in Everett, Washington.

I really want to know why.  If you have any idea why this strange law was enacted, please comment below.

Iowa: Tanning salons must warn users of the risk of getting a sunburn.

According to the law, tanning facilities shall post a warning sign on each tanning device, in an obvious location, which is readily visible to a person preparing to use the device.  The sign must describe the hazards associated with using the tanning device.

What do you think about these weird laws?  Are there any weird laws that you find unusually strange?