Should Drug Tests Be a Requirement for Receiving Unemployment Benefits?

If Texas Senate Bill 21 passes, mandatory drug testing will be a requirement for welfare and unemployment benefits.   This Bill would apply to “applicants seeking work in occupations that already require drug testing- such as aviation and trucking.”  According to ABA Journal, Texas Governor Rick Perry is urging lawmakers to support this mandatory drug testing legislation.

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Arkansas Senator Thinks: If you Can't Pass a Drug Test, Then You're not Actively Looking for Employment.

Arkansas senator, Jeremy Hutchinson, who sponsors a similar bill in Arkansas, wants for individuals receiving unemployment insurance to be required to take a random drug test. In my opinion, his reasoning behind the random drug test requirement is questionable.  He said, “If you can't pass a drug test, then you typically can't get employed, and I would argue you're not actively looking for employment.”  That’s not true.  Someone’s failure to land a job might be completely unconnected to his or her drug use.  There is no substantiated evidence that someone’s drug use interferes with his or her ability to get a job.  Plus, not all jobs require a drug test.

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