Recently while strolling through popular King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania. Sisters, Zakia Clark, Tasha Clark, and Makia Underwood were asked to leave. Why you may ask?

After losing their mother, Jackie Underwood, to breast cancer the week prior, the sisters designed hats and shirts that had the F-word with a pink ribbon to substitute the third letter in the sequence and then the word “cancer”. These items were sold to raise money for the care and treatment of Jackie Underwood.

The women were wearing the “F--- Cancer” hats and shirts while strolling through the shopping mall in search of dresses to wear to their mother’s funeral when they were unexpectedly stopped by security.

The women were first asked to remove the hats, to which they refused. Zakia recalls the security guard saying, 'Since you don't want to take your hat off, you can leave my mall,' "He stood there while we ate and threatened to call the cops” she said. Shortly thereafter they were removed from the food court and escorted to the mall office by seven other security guards.

When questioned about the incident, the manager of the mall, Robert Hart, indicated that the mall is a place for families and it will not tolerate profanity.

When questioned about the word choice for the apparel Zakia said "That's how we feel. It took our mom away. It's a demon. It's the devil, there are no other words you can use to explain how you feel. You want cancer to get cancer and die."

Did this mall go too far in its treatment of these women? It certainly seems so in my opinion. These poor women lost their mother to a horrible disease. The term “F--- Cancer” likely fits their emotions and feelings regarding this monster of a disease.