On January 29, 2010 Officer Ronald Frashour fatally shot Aaron Campbell. Only two months later another officer involved shooting resulted in the death of Jack Dale Collins. In response to these unfortunate events a series of protests in Portland, Oregon ensued. 

During one of the protests in 2010 the Portland police formed a human blockade of sorts with their bikes in an effort to prevent protesters from entering the streets. According to local documents local man Clifford Richardson was injured during an encounter with an officer at the protest which was caught on television. Richardson was treated at OHSU hospital for head and facial injuries as a result of the scuffle. According to records, Richardson pushed the officer and when the officer attempted to take him into custody his resistance caused the injury.

"During the struggle that ensued, Richardson's upper body was struck by a police officer's knee and as a result, his head and face struck the pavement,'' according to public records. Mr. Richardson was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, interfering of police, and harassment, although he was later acquitted of all charges at trial.

Following his acquittal, Richardson filed a suit where he alleged false arrest, battery and malicious prosecution seeking $15,000 for past and future medical bills as well as $500,000 in general damages against Portland. Recently a settlement was reached in the amount of $35,000

"Approval of this settlement will avoid the cost and expense of a trial and a jury award that could potentially be significantly larger,'' according to the city's risk management office’s Randy Stenquist.

Quite ironic that a protest stemming from alleged police brutality turned into this; Perhaps a lesson has been learned by all involved.