Police have finally arrested and charged Ariel Castro with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape.  For almost 10 years now, he had allegedly held three women and one young girl captive.  The

A Quick Look into the Missing Women’s Lives

Although we do not know how the women were captured or what their lives were like for the 10 years they were in captivity, we are aware of the following:

Due to the nature of the crime and the ongoing criminal prosecution, Cleveland Police Deputy Chief, Ed Tomba, has not released details about what happened to the three women while they were under Castro’s control.

Thankfully the three women and the young girl were able to break free from Castro.  My heart goes out to those families that are unable to reunite with missing family members.

What is Kidnapping?

Kidnapping is the intentional transportation or movement of a victim with the threat or use of force, or deception.

What is Rape?

Rape is a sex crime that involves the unlawful carnal knowledge of a woman by a man, not her husband, without consent.  The slightest penetration completes the crime. A lack of consent by the victim can be enough to convict the perpetrator of rape.  Some factors that help show a lack of consent are actual force used by the perpetrator against the victim and threatens to the victim with immediate bodily harm.