An Illinois man named Brett Nash allegedly plotted to kidnap a lawyer.  He apparently formulated several ways by which he would act out the kidnapping and thus collect money for ransom.  Thankfully, his alleged plans did not go as planned.

The Numerous Ways Nash Plotted to Kidnap the Lawyer:

Nash's alleged plots to kidnap the lawyer for ransom included the following:

  • He allegedly considered kidnapping the lawyer, taking him home, and forcing him to write checks for “labor.”
  • He allegedly considered wiring the lawyer with fake explosives and then telling him to “go into his bank to withdraw all his money.”  He apparently got this idea from the Discovery Channel.
  • He allegedly considered staging a hot-tub accident whereby a cat would knock a radio into the water and kill the lawyer.
  • He allegedly considered a plan that required guns and a staged suicide.

According to ABA Journal, Nash was sentenced on Thursday to 20 years in prison after admitting that "he planned to hold the lawyer for ransom.”  However, he denied any plans that included murdering the lawyer in a phony accident or suicide.

What is Kidnapping?

Kidnapping is the intentional transportation or movement of a victim with the threat or use of force, or deception.

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