The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sued Henry’s Turkey Service in Atalissa for workplace mistreatment on behalf of 32 mentally disabled men who worked at the plant.  These workers lived in the plant’s bunkhouse and were only paid $65 a month for their work.  However, that was the least of their problems.  According to news sources, the working conditions at the plant were pretty disturbing. 

What Types of Mistreatment Did These Workers Endure?

According to ABA Journal, Henry’s Turkey Service allegedly put these mentally disabled workers through the following:

  • They verbally and physically harassed them
  • They made them live in poor quality housing
  • They failed to offer acceptable medical care
  • The allegedly hit and kicked them
  • They allegedly called them names such as "retarded," "dumb ass" and "stupid"
  • One bunkhouse supervisor allegedly handcuffed one of the workers to his bed as he screamed and cried

Luckily, the EEOC was able to recover $240 million for the disabled worker’s.

Information About Workplace Abuse:

Workplace abuse is a form of discrimination.  There are laws that can help you with this sort of discrimination.  To determine whether you have been subject to workplace abuse click to read a great summary about workplace harassment from the Federal Communications Commission.

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How many of you have experienced abuse in the workplace?  If so, what did you do to fix the problem?