Tammy Brown, and her adult daughter were the proud owners of a 14 years old chow mix named Harley.  According to them, their pet dog was enjoying his life.  However, others would beg to differ.  According to ABA Journal, Harley suffered from a skin condition and had “a large growth dangling from his neck.” In 2011, Harley was taken away from Brown and put to sleep.  At that time, Harley apparently “had some pus in his eyes and some of his skin was cracked and bleeding.”

Brown claimed that she didn’t have enough money to take Harley to the vet.  She apparently lived on a $508-a-month disability check. The state believed that there could have been a way to treat Harley.  She could have taken Harley to a local shelter or an animal rescue.

Harley’s condition due to severe long-term neglect according to a veterinarian who testified at Brown’s trial:

  • Advanced heartworms
  • Hookworms
  • Anemia
  • Infection in his ears and eyes

The veterinarian testified that Harley could have been treated for the abovementioned illnesses.

Brown was convicted of a felony “and is now jailed awaiting sentencing in the animal cruelty case.”  According to Brown’s attorney, Brown “should not have been found guilty of animal cruelty because the state would have had to show, and didn't, that she intentionally harmed Harley or repeatedly inflicted unnecessary pain on the dog.”  Brown's hearing is set for Friday.

What are your thoughts?