At what point can someone change?  I’ve heard that it takes two weeks to make or break a habit.  Maybe when it comes to arrests, that number is different.  Perhaps one needs to be arrested 396 times to start changing their ways.

This brings me to 51-year-old Shermain Miles.  Since 1978, Miles has been arrested 396 times in Chicago. According to news sources, she was “most recently released from prison in April 2011, after serving three years of a six-year term for robbery.”  However, she was sent back to prison last summer on a possible parole violation in the robbery case for allegedly chasing after Alderman James Cappleman in Uptown Chicago.  She is expected to stay in prison until November, unless the parole board decides to release her.

Will Parole Board Give Miles Another Chance At Freedom?

According to Chicago Sun-Times, “Miles begged the Illinois Prisoner Review Board during a hearing inside Logan Correctional Center to give her yet another chance at freedom.”

Prisoner Review Board Chairman Adam Monreal seems to want to offer Miles another chance.  He intends on reviewing whether she is qualified “for a program of intense supervision, possibly in a community setting, under the supervision of a specialized mental health court.

Although Monreal wants to help Miles, he made sure to warn Miles “that the consequences would be severe if she’s given another break and then screws up,” further stating, “if you fail, you’ll regret meeting me.”

Her response: “I’m gonna change.”

Maybe the 396th time is a charm for Miles.  I hope she doesn’t let the board down.  I don’t think she’ll be as lucky the 397th time around.

What are your thoughts?