I was extremely shocked when I heard news of a newborn baby being sold on Facebook! What is this world coming to?

An Indian newborn baby was apparently kidnapped by his grandfather, Feroz Khan, and eventually sold on Facebook. When the baby was born, Khan allegedly told the baby’s mother (his daughter) that the child was born dead.  According to news sources, “Khan wanted to sell the baby because he was urgent to arrange a second marriage for his daughter.”  He felt it would be difficult for his daughter to find a new husband if she already had a child.

This led to unusual chain of events that resulted in the baby allegedly being placed for sale on Facebook. 

How did the baby end up on facebook?

  • First, the grandfather allegedly sold the baby to a nurse at the hospital.
  • Then, the nurse from the hospital allegedly sold the baby to a lab technician named Gurpreet Singh.
  • When the baby was three days old, the lab technician apparently posted a picture of the baby on Facebook.
  • Finally, Businessman Amit Kumar allegedly saw the Facebook post and paid 800,000 rupees (approx. $14,750) for the newborn baby.

According to news sources, if the grandfather, the nurse, and the lab technician are found guilty, they could face up to seven years in prison.  If this story is true, I’m sure Kumar will face some prison time as well.

What are your thoughts?