An important civic duty owed by U.S. citizens is jury duty.  However, some citizens dread the thought of being summoned for jury service.  Several people will make phony excuses not to serve on the jury, while others will actually serve on the jury but will have no respect for the judges’s instructions.

This brings me to juror Benjamin Kohler.  According to ABA Journal, Kohler violated Judge Dennis Graves “instructions about using his cellphone during a Salem, Ore., armed robbery trial this week.”

Kohler apparently had better things do to while he was fulfilling his jury duties.  Evidence was being presented in the case and “the lights were dimmed to show the jury a surveillance video.”  That’s when judge Graves noticed a glow on Kohler shirt.  He asked everyone to leave the courtroom expect for Kohler and Kohler admitted to using his cellphone while sitting on the jury panel. 

Kohler was sent to the county jail for his failure to obey courts instructions.  He was there for one night.

Penalties For Ignoring Your Jury Summons:

  • Criminal actions
  • Civil actions
  • Fines
  • Jail time

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