Immigration reform is finally here! The Senators who have been working diligently for months, have finally revealed a 17-page outline that will soon become the much anticipated immigration reform bill.

According to the nytimes, the immigration bill “is complicated, full of mechanisms and formulas” that deals with the following:

  • Border security
  • The allocation of visas
  • Methods of employment verification
  • Citizenship

Some New Proposals on the Immigration Reform Bill that Will Affect the 11 Million Illegal Immigrants

The following are a few of the proposals that stood out to me:

There are nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. Hopefully this bill will shed some worry off these individuals.

Even though this blueprint is out, I don’t expect to see a final bill anytime soon.  There will surely be much change to this blueprint in the months to come.

How do you feel about the changes discussed in the immigration reform blueprint at this point?  What would you like to see included or excluded from the final bill?