An Arizona man named Eugene Maraventano has been “charged with stabbing his wife and son to death.”  He apparently committed these murders because he was afraid he was HIV positive and had infected his wife with the same.

According to a news source, Maraventano had slept with prostitutes and was afraid he had “contracted HIV or other diseases and passed them onto his wife Janet."

As for his son’s death, reports indicate that “he thought his son was handicapped because he spent too much time playing video games and had no job, friends or a girlfriend.  So he went into his son's room and stabbed him twice.”

By the time Maraventano reported these deaths to authorities, his wife and son had been dead for a few days.

According to a news source, Maraventano faces two counts of first-degree murder.

I wonder if he was actually HIV positive… Not that it would justify his horrid actions by any means!

First Degree Murder:

First-degree murder is the unlawful killing of another with malice.  When a person is convicted of first-degree murder, they usually face harsh penalties, such as a life sentence or the death penalty depending on the jurisdiction.  When one is charged with first or second-degree murder, they may receive a lesser charge by mitigating murder to manslaughter or by showing that they have a defense to murder, such as involuntary intoxication

What do you think his punishment should be?