How many of you have flown for hours in an airplane only to land and realize that your luggage is missing?  I know I have!  It is not a good feeling.  This is how it goes: After a long flight you finally reach your place of destination.  You get off the plane and follow a herd of people to baggage claim.  The first bag comes down the conveyor belt and it obviously isn’t yours.  Then the second one comes, the third one, fourth one…well you get the point.  Soon after, everyone around you has picked up his or her bags, except for you.  There are no other bags in sight.  You’re the lucky one who has to spend your vacation borrowing your friend’s clothes.  Yes, this happened to me during my trip to Italy a few years ago.  Lucky for me, the airport was able to retrieve my luggage and it was back in my possession a week into my vacation.  However, not everyone gets his or her luggage back.  You know why?  Well, a number of reasons, including theft by airport employees!

Theft By Baggage Handler in Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport:

A baggage handler from the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport named David Vang has been accused of stealing “$84,000 worth of passengers' belongings over an eight month period.”  He now faces 11 felony theft charges.

Items Allegedly Stolen By Baggage Handler:

  • Guns
  • Jewelry
  • Watches

Maybe airports should start investing in security cameras in baggage areas and on the baggage carrying carts.

What do you think?